Temporary soundproofing. American Sound Blankets

Published: 17th July 2008
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There are many people who need a temporary soundproofing solution. The need something that can be placed on a wall, or across doorway or even over a window but be completely removable at a moments notice. One of the best temporary soundproofing materials are American Sound Blankets, which are sold exclusively through Soundproofing America Inc.

These sound blankets consist of a 1 lb or 2 lb mass loaded vinyl core with 1" of fiberglass batting on both sides and finally an aluminized fabric covering. Most likely this covering is a nylon-based material that is quilted over top of the Sound Blanket. These sound blankets are very effective in industrial applications where soundproofing is needed around loud machinery. However, they are also used in many residential and commercial applications.

The Sound Blankets can give you the soundproofing you need in an apartment application where you cannot make permanent changes to the walls and ceilings or to door and window openings. The Sound Blankets have grommets at the top where the blanket can be hung with use of 'J' hooks from a ceiling or wall.

We have had customers build a complete music sound studio using on these blankets as soundproofing. They are very versatile and offer the customer the ability to soundproof a wall or a doorway but do so in a non-permanent manner.

American sound blankets have also been used to partition off larger rooms to separate them and allow multiple activities to take place in both rooms without either room disturbing the other.

Today's sound blankets are much more effective than blankets used in the past. The combination of both sound blocking and sound absorbing materials make for a very effective soundproofing material. The best thing about the sound blankets is that they are completely portable and go where you go.

The American Sound Blankets can also be used in Hospital and most medical applications. They are easy to clean and sanitize and work well in any clean room or anti bacterial environment.

The Sound Blankets can be used effectively in computer server rooms to quell the high-pitched hum of today's modern sever systems. The sound blankets offer a low cost solution for the constant noise that emanates from most computer server rooms. The sound blanket can be used effectively in any area where sound is an issue.

The American Sound Blankets have also been used in Law Enforcement interrogation rooms to keep these areas private and to protect the rights of the people in these secure areas.

The use of the Sound Blankets is virtually endless and the best part is that the Blankets can be taken wherever they are needed. Portable soundproofing is becoming essential in today's on the move world. Where ever there is a need for temporary soundproofing, trust the experts at Soundproofing America to provide you with the most advanced and innovative products on the planet. Until next time, this is Dr. Bob...

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